PHỞ – High on list of world’s best cheap eats

August 14, 2018

HÀ NỘI — UK-based travel site Rough Guides has named Việt Nam’s iconic noodle soup, phở, among the world’s 15 best foods that are easy on a globetrotter’s pocket.

Phở, which came in sixth on the list, contains flat, soft rice noodles dipped in a fragrant beef or chicken broth flavored with different condiments. It is served with beef or chicken, shallots, and chili and lemon to taste.

The soup originated from Hà Nội before it was brought to the south where people added their own influences to the dish.

Phở has been getting rave reviews from all quarters for decades, and no visitor to Việt Nam fails to mention the dish. Last year, Lonely Planet editors recommended it as one of the best hangover cures on the road.

International broadcaster CNN also included phở on the list of 50 tastiest dishes on earth after polling its Facebook readers last year.

In 2016, the US website Business Insider included having a bowl of hot phở in Hà Nội as part of its list of the 50 greatest travel experiences not to be missed in Asia.

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